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My Music

I wear a lot of hats (don't we all?!) but after 15 years of owning and operating a successful Manhattan recording studio and working with the most renown and incredible musicians, composers, arrangers, mix engineers, mastering engineers and producers....well, I think the hats are getting more comfortable! And now, I get to offer my expertise to you and make your music shine the way it deserves! Once you become a client, your musical vision becomes mine and we are a team!

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I love to journey with the artist from first notes to complete production. From writing/arranging, to scheduling musicians and studio time, I will be right by your side. Check out my production work!

With over 15 years experience working the best musicians in NYC I have learned how to balance and mix any genre to the highest professional level. Check out my Mixing work!

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I have composed music for HBO, Sesame Street, Concord Music Publishing, Universal Music, Nickelodeon, The Oxygen Network, Disney and ROKU just to name a few. Check out my compositions here!

Todays streaming services employ loudness normalization and the rules are changing all the time! All my masters are perfectly crafted to pop on every platform while meeting all current standards

Image by Yassine Khalfalli
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